Concrete Floor Sawing

Concrete Floor Sawing Services By Expert Sawing Contractors

Concrete floor Sawing

Road Sawing is the most common, cost effective methods for cutting horizontally into roads, concrete, asphalt, pavement/pathways, bridge decks, driveways and other solid materials. A road saw can have a single diamond blade attached for deep cutting as well as capacity to support multiple blades for applications such as grooving into pavements. Road Saws are excellent when there is a requirement for a large amount of metres to be cut.

Floor sawing is the most common diamond cutting method used to cut horizontal surfaces such as concrete slabs, driveways, patios, pavement/pathways etc. Floor Saws are excellent when there is a requirement for a large amount of metres to be cut.

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At CSL SERVICES you have a choice of Diesel, Petrol & 3phase electric Floor Saw the choice of which saw to use  will depend on the job that is at hand. Floor sawing is used when reasonably level and flat surfaces have to be cut. Includes cutting through reinforced concrete, precast concrete, bitumen, sandstone, bluestone and heavy bound pavement.

Using a large self propelled walk behind machine used to cut horizontal flat surfaces, Diesel or Petrol Road Saw depending on the job. Both saws are different sizes which is very handy when there are tighter spaces for them to be moved around in. Used for concrete sawing large areas, and the right tool for the job when:

  • Cutting concrete roads
  • Cutting asphalt roads
  • Cutting footpaths
  • Cutting concrete car parks
  • Cutting asphalt car parks
  • Cutting concrete bridges
  • Cutting asphalt bridges
  • Expansion cutting
  • Kerb Cutting