Diamond Core Drilling Vs. Diamond Stitch Drilling: What’s the Difference?

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In contracting and construction there is always more than one way to drill a hole. However, most within the industry will agree that diamond core drilling is the best method of them all. But, what exactly is it and how is it different from the often discussed diamond stitch drilling?

Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling is pretty simple in concept. It is the process of drilling a hole by taking out a core from the surface rather than traditionally biting and cutting away at the material.

Diamond core drilling utilizes a steel pipe as the drill bit, and this pipe is coated in numerous tiny diamond pieces. This allows the drill to cut through virtually any surface–much like coring an apple. Diamond core drilling is faster, more efficient, and generates better results than more traditional drilling methods.

Diamond Stitch Drilling

Diamond core drill bits come in a wide range of sizes, from 5mm all the way up to 300mm+. However, sometimes a bigger hole needs to be drilled; a hole too large for any of your diamond core drill bits. That is where stitch drilling comes in handy.

Diamond stitch drilling uses diamond core drilling equipment to drill a series of holes, each overlapping each other. This creates a ‘stitch’ that results in a much larger hole. In fact, you can create a hole as large as you want with diamond stitch drilling.


So, now you know the difference, and similarities, of diamond core drilling and diamond stitch drilling!