Diamond Stitch Drilling

Our Diamond Stitch Drilling Services

Diamond stitch drilling can be used to create large openings and slots in walls or in floors particularly so in areas where access is difficult or restricted. We offer stitch drilling across Lancashire, Yorkshire and the North West, for various residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Our diamond stitch drilling uses a series of overlapping core holes to create the opening required. It is often used when other drilling methods can’t achieve the required outcome.

This is the method of drilling a series of interconnecting holes to separate and remove large volumes of reinforced concrete or brickwork up to several meters in depth, which are beyond the reach of any saw cutting equipment and can provide a solution to otherwise impossible tasks.

Diamond stitch drilling can also be used to remove sections of concrete and brickwork in a methodical way, where control of removing the section could be difficult using alternative methods or is in a restricted or confined space.

It is also a common technique used to create “letter boxes” for electrical tray-work to pass through walls and floors.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our diamond cross stitch drilling services, then get in touch with us today. Our diamond stitch drilling contractors can provide advice about your projects across Lancashire, Yorkshire and the North West. We can offer a tailor-made solution to your individual requirements.

We do also offer diamond core drilling too, head over to our page to find out more. To speak to a friendly member of our team call 07751920594.

What Are The Benefits Of Diamond Stitch Drilling?

  • Accurate Drilling
  • Less Chance of Damage
  • Portable Equipment
  • Relatively Quiet
  • Very Little Dust Produced

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Diamond Stitch Drilling

What Is Stitch Drilling & How Is It Different To Other Drilling Methods?

If you’re wondering what stitch drilling is, you’ve come to the right place. Stitch drilling or diamond drill cross stitch can be used when diamond drilling won’t quite crack it. Diamond drilling can often be restrained to 1500mm so diamond cross stitch drilling can take on bigger jobs.

If you are working in confined spaces or have reduced access then diamond stitch drilling will be the right method for you to adopt, especially where an angle, curve or shape is required.

Diamond drill cross stitch allows for the ability to cut an unlimited size of opening or shape through any thickness of wall or floor. A great choice if you are working in controlled or clean environments due to reduced cutting waste and the cutting by-products are easier to control & contain.

Diamond drill cross stitch

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