Barrier Installation At BMW Mini

Here you will see images from a rather large project that our team was contracted for through our friends at Infinity Engineering. They were hired to perform a job at an auto manufacturing facility for MINI BMW. However, there was one area of the job that they didn’t have the ability to handle.

The facility required a tough and sturdy barrier to be installed for worker safety. This barrier needed to be set into large drilled holes in the concrete. This was no job for traditional drilling equipment! That is why we were hired to come in and perform our diamond core drilling.

The job required 50 holes to be drilled, each 300mm in diameter. As you can probably assume, a massive hole like that isn’t something that traditional equipment can tackle – at least not in a timely manner.

The Infinity Engineering team really needed a quick turnaround time, and that was exactly what we gave them. They were impressed with how fast and simple it was for our team to drill all 50 holes with our diamond core drilling equipment. They had their barrier up in no time!

Our friends in the contracting business know that they can rely on us when a tough job arises. This project was a rather large undertaking, but our team was definitely up to the task. So, if you have a large hole that needs to be drilled in a hurry, make sure you contact us at CSL Services. With diamond core drilling, no job is too big or too small!