At CSL Services no job is too big or too small for our diamond stitch drilling services. Although the size of a diamond core drill bit might be limited, the size of the hole that can be drilled is not.

This is a job that we were able to take on to help our friends on a BMW site in Cowley, UK. The site was a manufacturing facility for the BMW owned Mini Cooper car brand. Here they build parts and components for the Mini lineup.

On the site, they needed to install a lift shaft from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor. This lift shaft would facilitate the transportation of car components throughout the facility in a faster and simpler way. However, the lift shaft needed a bit of drilling to make it work.

For this, we implemented a technique known as ‘stitch drilling’. Stritch drilling is where a diamond core drill bit is used to drill multiple overlapping holes (as seen in the image). This creates a much larger hole once the stitch drilling is finished. This removed the limitations we had on drill bit size and shape.

Using our diamond core drilling and stitch drilling techniques, we were able to tackle this time consuming and massive project. This is just another example of how no job is too big for our team at CSL Services.