Shot Blasting

Professional Shot Blasting Equipment & Services

Shot Blasting is a technological process of removing various impurities from different surfaces by using abrasive techniques.

It is used for a surface protection and also prior-preperation of surfaces ready for further processing, such as welding, colouring etc.

The final result of the cleaned surface depends on several factors: mass of the abraisive particle, particle velocity, the impactor angle of the particle, the particle shape, density and coverage of the strokes kg/m2.

Shot Blasting Applications

  • Automotive Industry
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Foundry
  • Aviation Industry
  • Ship Building
  • & many more!

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Shot Blasting is used in different industries such as:

  • Automotive
  • Metal-Manufacturing
  • Foundry
  • Aviation
  • Ship-Building
  • Production of various welded structures and also in production of various tanks, silos, pipelines and chassis to name just a few.