Wet and Dry Blasting

Wet Blasting Services

All aspect of the process are totally environmentally friendly, making wet blasting an attractive alternative to many surface treatments.

The use of water improves the operator enviornment by eliminating any dust or the need for large and expensive filtration systems. No cheamicals are required and the waste routes are easy to manage with ther inert materials used in the media and seperation systems supplied to reduce the amount of waste from the process.

Improved component finishing

The ability to work with additives, such as degreasing agents or inhibitors, can improve the usefulness of wet blasting machines by combining process steps. The water eliminates any static build up and increases the media flow over the work pieces, which improves the uniformity of the process to give more homogenous finishes. The improved finishes are critical in industries were consistency is key for the manufacturing process and downstream applications such as bonding or coating.

Wet Blasting Applications

  • Smoothing Rough Surfaces
  • Shaping A Surface
  • Removal Of Surface Contaminants
  • 95% Dust Free Blasting
  • & many more!

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